How To Get 360 Waves

We live in a fast paced world, we want everything to be fast & quick, I call this the Mcdonalds generation. We want fast food, fast everything. Speed is all thats important, just look at the internet & how fast it has changed things. With this mindest we also find ourselves applying speed in all that involves us.

360 waves is a unique hairstyle, and only an elite few have perfect 360 waves. Most people either dont know how to get 360 waves, or just cannot stand waiting for the process it takes to form 360 waves. We see the perfect 360 waves & we crave for them, we really need to get them now.

Most people dont know there is a learning curve involved in getting 360 waves. But once you master this techniques, you will be the talk of the town. Doing things fast has its place. But for anything to last & be perfect, you sometimes need to take your time with it. Hovewer I too, sometimes want to see instant results, & leap frog my way to the top. Thats why I diversed a method, which can drastically help you to get 360 waves fast.

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You have to understand not all of us, have the same hair textureThis is crucial to understand, because it would be essential in the hair care products you buy & also the brush you buy. And also different hair textures will involve different 360 wave methods, but all in all the right method will work for the any hair texture.

So for course or nappy hair like me, make sure you get a hard brush, I recommend a 100% boar bristles diane brush. For soft hair get a soft or medium brush. For hair thats in between course & soft, get a medium brush. The 360 waves pattern is mainly formed by brushing your hair with the grain-ref to the brushing chart in here in The 360 Waves Blueprint.

Since we are looking for the fastest way to get 360 waves, we will not concern ourself too much on the right hair products to use. If you want a detailed account on the right hair products to use & how to incorporate them to different methods, check out The method I’m going to show you here is the quickest way to wave on a budget. With tough economic times around, every penny saved will help. This method is called the Microwave method, because it speeds up getting 360 waves. Another good thing about this method, is that its natural, no need for harmful chemicals which are going to damage your hair.

Ladies & gentlemen, I introduce to you, The microwave method.

Step.1 Wash hair in the shower,brush with the grain for 5 mins-ref to the brushing chart in The 360 hair waves guide.
Step.2 Dry hair, but leave a little bit moist & brush with the grain for 5 mins,until hair is dry.
Step.3.Put on Durag, Spray your durag with a squirt bottle of water while you have it on.
Step.4 Remove Durag during the day,spray your hair with water & brush for another 5 mins.
Step5. Put Durag on, repeat this process during the day, whenever convient.

We have only covered only a fraction of whats involved in getting 360 waves. For a far more detailed account & how you can combine the microwave method with other methods,

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When you will get expert advice & guidance, you will be able to cut down the time needed to learn how to get waves on your on. Because if you do it on your own, all you will be doing is experimenting, not knowing what works. Make your life easier & learn from the experts.

To your 360 waves success, see you at the top!

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